Stress is normal, because it is the response of our bodies to the events and changes ongoing outside. Stress could also be the end-result of a particular event or a recurring issue.

Such events can either be good or bad, and it could involve starting a new school, getting married, getting a new job, losing a friend amongst others.

When an individual feels stressed, there are changes that take place in the body and mind. And we all try to cope with stress in our own unique ways, some of which is abusing substances or engaging in habits that will leave us addicted.

If an individual experiences chronic stress, there are diverse negative effects it could have on the mind and body.

Addiction might provide a temporary relief for the individual who is undergoing stress, but it wears off rather too fast, and the individual would be nudged to step up the addiction.

When addiction is in motion, particularly substance addiction, the brain reacts to the chemical changes by remodeling itself.

In due time, the individual would discover that it is difficult to stay away from the addictive habit or substance. And this is when they have seemingly reached a point of no-return.

It is important to note that the best way to deal with stress is not by engaging in addictive habits. Rather it is best to engage in a lifestyle that would promote your overall health and wellness.

Instead of taking substances like drugs and alcohol when you are stressed out, you can take a short nap, or exercise, depending on your schedule at that moment.

Dealing with stress in a healthy way is one of the most profound means to living an addiction free lifestyle. Ensure you eat a nutritious diet every now and then, to reduce the chances of your body and brain submitting to the cravings of addiction.

If you are addicted already because of stress, it is not too late, make plans to reach out to your healthcare provider to assist you.   

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